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Video Game Audio 101. Fiction or Interface. An Introduction.

Video Game Audio 101 - Fiction or Interface - An Introduction. Featured Image.

In a series of articles, I’ll explore the history of video game audio, its functions as both video game fiction and game interface, and what tools we can use to understand this better. This is part one of those articles. These articles are inspired by a thesis I wrote since I’ve had a lifelong fascination … Continue Reading

Free Multiplayer Horror Games on Steam

Free Multiplayer Horror Games on Steam

The horror genre has many great games, and Steam is one of the best platforms to find games on. While it is home to hundreds of single-player horror games, sometimes you just want to play a free multiplayer game that has the chance to frighten you and your friends on game night.  So, when looking … Continue Reading

Best Roblox Horror Games Multiplayer

roblox horror games multiplayer - featured image

While Roblox is well known for its large child base of gamers, that doesn’t mean that older teens and adults don’t enjoy playing there. One of the most popular genres on the platform amongst the older group of Roblox players is the horror genre, and Roblox surprisingly has some great ones.  You wouldn’t think Roblox, … Continue Reading

The 10 Best Co-op Horror Games [Recommended & Scary]

co op horror games - featured image

The horror genre has long been a staple in the gaming industry. From the fear these games inspire to the lets plays on Youtube to the feeling of existential dread, horror holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers. But what about when you want to share that fear with your friends? What … Continue Reading

Sound Analysis of SSX (2012). Remixing Sound While Snowboarding.

SSX supertricky mode - featured image

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports. SSX: Deadly Descents (2012) is a PS3 and Xbox 360 snowboarding game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports. In the game, you follow ‘Team SXX,’ consisting of nine fictional characters, all with different skills in snowboarding as an extreme sport. The team is on a world tour … Continue Reading

Sound & Horror in Video Games: The Perfect Synergy.

Sound and Horror Video Games The Perfect Synergy - featured image

In the theoretical framework, I covered various concepts beneficial for understanding and analyzing sound’s function in video games from a ludological and narratological point of view. The theoretical framework is by no means exhaustive. It depends on what you want to analyze. Fx, I don’t include musical notation, which is necessary in many cases for … Continue Reading

How To Pick Up a Spawner in Minecraft

Minecraft mob spawners - how to pick up spawners in Minecraft - featured image

Featured Image credit: Mojang. Spawners have long been useful in Minecraft as they allow you to create more efficient mob farms than most other methods. However, getting your hands on one of these spawners can be incredibly difficult, as the game does not make it easy to acquire these items.  Keep reading to see everything … Continue Reading

Minecraft Armor Stand Generator [tutorial]

minecraft armor stand generator tutorial / illustrated guide

Featured Image credit: Mojang. Armor stands in Minecraft are incredibly useful, from making special traps and redstone builds to simply being an item to store your favorite suits of armor. But unfortunately, the armor stands in Minecraft in their base form can seem a little uninteresting, standing there all straight and proper. Keep reading to … Continue Reading

How to Get an Armorer in Minecraft [Illustrated Guide]

How to Get an Armorer in Minecraft

Featured Image credit: Mojang. Minecraft can often feel like an empty, barren world where only you exist, but fortunately, there are always some villages within your Minecraft world you can visit. These villages are often teeming with life, with villagers, iron golems, and even sometimes a wandering trader or two lurking about.  Keep reading to … Continue Reading