Free Multiplayer Horror Games on Steam

The horror genre has many great games, and Steam is one of the best platforms to find games on.

While it is home to hundreds of single-player horror games, sometimes you just want to play a free multiplayer game that has the chance to frighten you and your friends on game night. 

So, when looking for your next free game with a multiplayer mode, look no further than the best free multiplayer horror games on Steam!

Cry of Fear (2013)

The first game on the list is Cry of Fear, a zombie horror game that throws you into the psychological horror of a world created from the delusions of the main character. During this adventure that you and your friends will undergo in this survival horror game, you must fight zombies, solve various puzzles, and do your best to stay alive. 

After you customize your characters, you and your friends will find yourselves in a room where various weapons and other important items are hidden that will help you figure out exactly what to do next. After you have raided the room for everything it has, it is time to head out into the open world and find additional tools, weapons, and tips to solve your various struggles.

While the video graphics look like they are from the late 1980s to early 1990s, it comes with a great plot that keeps you interested in the game and a huge world that you can explore as you run from the zombie hordes trying to eat you. So if you are looking for a psychological horror game to play with your friends, look no further than Cry of Fear!

Deceit (2017)

If you are looking for a game that will make you wonder just how crazy your friends are, you must give Deceit a play-through. In this game, you play with five others split into two groups. Group A is made up of four Innocents, and Group B is made up of two infected who want to kill the members of Group A. 

What adds to the paranoia of the game is that roles are randomly assigned, so there is no real way of knowing exactly who is what role, so you have to ask, just how much do you trust your friends? After assigning the roles, it is time to gather various tools, weapons, and items to help each group achieve their goals.

The infected players want to kill the innocent, and the Innocent want to figure out who the infected are and kill them before they are devoured. It is a fast-paced game in a space research station that suffers from blackouts and zones that will kill anyone trapped within. 

It is a deadly game that will make you paranoid about your friends and learn how good of a liar they are. So what are you waiting for? Go give Deceit a playthrough!

SCP: Secret Laboratory (2017)

One of the best SCP games on the game market, SCP: Secret Laboratory, is an action first-person shooter game that puts you into a SCP facility where you can play either an MTF, D-Class, or a SCP. MTF players must navigate the facility to help bring various D-class personnel out of the facility and into safety.

D-class personnel can find various weapons around the facility and keep themselves alive until MTFs can come to save them. However, maybe you don’t want to play the good guys in this game and instead would prefer to hunt down everyone and kill them. 

If that is the case, you can play as one of dozens of SCPs that have broken out of containment and are now loose and hunting down everyone and anyone they can get their hands on. You can play famous SCP like SCP-096, SCP-173, and even SCP-106. There are plenty of other SCPs you can play and even find some SCPs to help out, like SCP-207, a bottle of magical Coca-Cola.

This is the perfect game when looking for something to bring you true horror on your game night while offering many replayability opportunities. It is a great game and will keep you returning repeatedly as you try various strategies, weapons, and roles. And always remember, “We die in the dark, so you may live in the light.” 

Stay Out (2019)

If you want an open-world survival horror game to test your skills and survival ability in the harshest environments, look no further than Stay Out. In this game, you and your friends must band together to survive in the wilderness with limited resources while an undying horde of Zombies seeks to end your lives. 

If you aren’t killed right from the get-go, you will need to search cities and abandoned buildings to get weapons, medkits, tools, and other resources to help you survive each night. However, that is not all you can do in this game, as there is plenty more besides killing zombies. 

For starters, there are a ton of different quests that players can try to complete to get more resources and weapons to continue surviving. As you complete quests, more areas will get unlocked, and you will gain EXP to unlock new, unique abilities that will help keep you alive. 

While the zombie apocalypse may seem impossible to survive in this world, if you work with your friends, you will find that your task of surviving is much easier than it initially seemed. So what are you waiting for? Give Stay Out a try and build yourself a new life in the post-apocalyptic world!

Dead Frontier 2 (2019)

Another open-world zombie game, like most of the previous games on this list, Dead Frontier 2 is another great video game that comes with an enjoyable co-op mode. In this game, the player’s goal is to gather various ranged and melee weapons and tools spread worldwide that allow them to fight against the large hordes of zombies looking to kill them.

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Unlike some games on this list, you get to level up your character as you kill zombies, allowing you to learn new skills and abilities that make survival easier in this deadly world. Besides killing zombies, you can also get experience by completing various missions that the game gives you and various other rewards from them. 

As you level up and gain new skills and abilities, you will want to start considering different builds and what exactly fits your gameplay style the best. This allows you to create characters who feel different, not just copies of one another with slightly different weapons.

While you can play this with friends via co-op play or the online multiplayer system, there is also the option to play in the single-player campaign and fight against the zombies yourself. There is no good reason to do this as the game is much better and easier with friends.

So, if you want to build the ultimate zombie-defeating character, check out Dead Frontier 2! You won’t regret it!

Secret World Legends (2017)

While zombies exist in this game, they are not the main objective; instead, you will be forced to deal with enemies mutated by a deadly virus, various bosses who have augmented themselves, zombie hordes, and creatures that will make you wonder where the humanity went in this horror title. 

Players are given various supernatural abilities and must learn to harness their powers for good to turn themselves into superhumans who can use powerful weapons and different abilities to crush enemies in this game. As you progress further into the game, the bosses and creatures gain more powerful abilities, higher stats, and all-around much more difficult to beat.

As you clear various bosses and quests, you will gain experience that you can use to improve your abilities, allowing you to become an absolutely OP character who can defeat almost any enemy in front of you. While heavy on the action, Secret World Legends is not just about killing enemies mindlessly like other hack-and-slash games.

Instead, it features a story-rich world that seeks to help you immerse yourself fully into the game as you unlock the secrets that are hiding within. It is the perfect choice for a game night with your friends, especially when you want a horror experience that is a bit different from the usual choices.

No More Room in Hell (2011)

Yet another zombie survival game, No More Room in Hell, may not have the greatest graphics on the market, but it is still a great game to play with your friends, especially if you have a low-end PC that can handle the more graphically intense games of recent years. 

In No More Room in Hell, you get to customize your characters, choose a map to download, and then, after selecting the server you want to play on, you can enter the world of this zombie hell hole. Your task is to complete quests in each game of No More Room in Hell, and if you manage to do them successfully before dying, you win! 

If you don’t want to play against the AI, though, there is a PVP mode where you can play against other players. In those games, you can either work together to defeat the zombies or turn on one another and take each other’s resources and gear. If you decide to play that mode, you better hope you got your best friend by your side so they don’t shoot you in the back.

While it may not be the greatest horror video game of all time, it is still a lot of fun and a good game when you want to play co-op horror with your friends. So what are you waiting for? Go give No More Room in Hell a try!

A Walk in the Woods (2018)

If you have been desperately searching for a four-player game that looks like something from Roblox, then you will love A Walk in the Woods. It is a co-op horror game where the whole point is to see if you can survive long enough to escape from the forest with your friends, who have all been separated. 

In the forest are deadly creatures who are actively hunting you and your friends, and you have a limited amount of time before they find you and add your body to their kill list. While the graphics are horrid for a 2018 game, it’s still one of the best horror games you are going to find for free on Steam, and it does have a fun premise.

Every forest that you and your friends play in is randomly generated to help keep it unique for each playthrough and gives it a certain level of replayability that many free horror games tend to lack. A Walk in the Woods may lack the intricacies of some horror games, but it is still well worth a try. 

Infestation: The New Z (2016)

While less graphically impressive games can be fun if you want the experience of Call of Duty: Zombies but with an actual point to the game, then Infestation: The New Z is the game for you. It is a large open-world post-apocalypse game where you and your friends are thrust into a world trying to heal from the horrors a deadly zombie outbreak put it through.

You can either team together with other players or play completely solo. Both are valid options in this game, and both provide plenty of opportunities for you to level up, find resources and weapons, and leave your mark on an otherwise mostly dead world. As you grow stronger, you can take on some impressive bosses, all of whom will put you and your skills in this game to the test.

Additionally, there are four different game modes that you can play in: Survival, Battle Royale, Arcade, and Competitive. Whatever materials you get in one mode can be transferred to other modes, allowing you to become far more powerful than your competitors if you stay in the correct modes.

Overall, it is a great game and can keep you and your friends busy for hours as you all try to gather the necessary resources to survive in this hellish world. So what are you waiting for? Go try to kill some zombies and survive the horror story Infestation: The New Z.

Hide and Shriek (2016)

If battle royale games are more your style, then Hide and Shriek may be the perfect game for you. In this game, you make a character and then locate matches in the game where you will be pitted against one other person. Your goal is then to gather certain items around the high school where matches take place and then place them on your altar. 

The items are used to give points towards your total score. The way to win is by having more points at the end of successfully scaring your opponent three times in the ten-minute match. You can choose to focus on either goal, with both offering plenty of opportunities to leave traps to screw with your opponent as they also try to scare you and gather items successfully. 

It is an addicting game that is a ton of fun to play and comes with an amazing soundtrack to top it all off. While it may be simple to learn, there are endless possibilities for playing the game, so get out there and start scaring your opponents to take home the points!

If you fancy a bit of video theory geeking out for a change, read why sound is especially important in horror video games.

Mist of the Dark (2018)

While Mist of the Dark is yet another shooter game, it is surprisingly not focused on Zombies for once, instead focusing on deadly realms of supernatural creatures whose only goal is to rip and tear those who entire their realms. Players can choose to either play as soldiers or monsters, and there is one goal for both sides: survive and kill everyone on the opposing team.

It is a vicious and bloody fight to the end, and while heroes can be born from the gunfire, there are no true winners in this game. You will watch your friends go down around you, and if you are playing a soldier, as the monsters begin to win, the darkness and intense music will close in around you. 

It is easily one of the best multiplayer horror games on this list and is worth playing, especially if you just want a solid free shooter that puts you into a hellscape of gunfire, claws, and death. Enjoy your trip into the world of Mist of the Dark!

Brain Bread 2 (2016)

For the final game of this list, we are returning to the world of zombie first-person action shooter games, as they currently dominate the industry. In this zombie game, though, you can choose to play the zombies if you are tired of playing on the survivor’s side, and it gives some new life to an otherwise fairly bloated horror subgenre.

In this game, you get to play through various maps where the goal is to gather weapons and battle through waves of zombies until you can finally escape. However, this will be difficult as resources are limited, and the zombies are quite smart and resourceful. 

There are multiple modes that you can play, including Deathmatch, which is an intense version of the regular game, and throughout all modes, you can level up your character and earn XP towards the global leaderboard. Whatever mode you play, though, you will be in for a fight of your life. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your guns and head into the zombie-infested world of Brain Bread 2!


Finding horror games to play with your friends can be difficult sometimes, especially when you don’t want to pay large sums of money for them.

Luckily, Steam has many free horror games that provide the co-op experience you want at the cost of nothing more than the download.

If you enjoyed this article, check out Best Roblox Horror Games Multiplayer, and until next time, happy gaming!

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