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How To Make Light Gray Concrete in Minecraft

How to make light grey concrete in Minecraft

Featured Image credit: Mojang. Concrete has graced the Minecraft world since Minecraft version 1.12 on Java and Bedrock edition and version 1.1.0 on Pocket Edition.  It comes in 16 different colors, each of which can be easily acquired in survival mode if you are willing to find different flowers to make the dyes.  Keep reading … Continue Reading

How To Show FPS in Minecraft [Illustrated Guide]

How to show FPS in Minecraft - featured image

Featured Image credit: Mojang. When video games start stuttering and everything seems choppy, you first want to check your FPS. Even though Minecraft does not automatically have it shown at all times, there are several ways to check your current FPS to see whether you fall under the recommended 60 FPS.  Keep reading to see … Continue Reading

How To Put Letters On Banners in Minecraft [Illustrated Guide]

How To Put Letters On Banners in Minecraft

Featured Image credit: Mojang. In the earlier years of Minecraft, banners had only a few customization options; it wasn’t until the last several years that players could make banners truly unique. That is thanks to the introduction of banner patterns in the loom.  With the loom, the possibilities are almost limitless, so players have been … Continue Reading

What Does a Stonecutter Do in Minecraft? [Illustrated Guide]

what does a stonecutter do in minecraft

Featured Image credit: Mojang. When Mojang introduced the stonecutter, it made an instant difference for builders across the Minecraft world.  With the stonecutter, you can create stone and copper decorative blocks for fewer resources, making getting those fancy stone bricks easier.  Keep reading and see how to acquire the stonecutter in survival mode and then … Continue Reading

What Does Bad Omen Do in Minecraft? [Illustrated Guide]

What does Bad Omen do in Minecraft? Bad Omen Status Effect Meaning Explained

Featured image credit: Mojang When the Minecraft developers introduced pillagers in 1.14, Mojang also provided a new feature called Bad Omen. Not only does it make the game more challenging, but something strange happens when you enter a pillager outpost with it active. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you the sad story of a small … Continue Reading

How to Make A Ladder in Minecraft [Illustrated Guide]

How to Make A Ladder in Minecraft

Featured image credit: Mojang Ladders have long been the best option for players when traveling up and down in Minecraft. While you can use more complicated methods like a water elevator, there is no denying that the Minecraft ladder is an important block.  Keep reading to see everything you need to know about making Minecraft … Continue Reading

How to Make a Weaponsmith in Minecraft [Illustrated Guide]

how to make a weaponsmith in Minecraft

Featured image credit: Mojang Minecraft villagers have many jobs ranging from the humble farmer villagers growing food to the rich weaponsmith supplying his local town with the tools and weapons needed to survive the harsh Overworld.  While the weaponsmith normally only supplies his fellow villagers, you can get your hands on various useful items if … Continue Reading