Best Roblox Horror Games Multiplayer

While Roblox is well known for its large child base of gamers, that doesn’t mean that older teens and adults don’t enjoy playing there.

One of the most popular genres on the platform amongst the older group of Roblox players is the horror genre, and Roblox surprisingly has some great ones. 

You wouldn’t think Roblox, of all platforms, would have some genuinely scary horror games, but you may be surprised if you are willing to give them a chance.

I have gathered a list of some of the best-designed and most terrifying horror games you can find on the platform for your gaming enjoyment.

So, if you are ready for some scares and laughs, let’s get into the best Roblox horror games for multiplayer!

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First up on the list is one of the best-designed Backrooms games on Roblox. With an impressive level build, great sound design, and a genuinely creepy atmosphere, Apeirophobia deserves its place on this list. You can choose to either play alone in a party of one or create lobbies to play with your friends. 

If you don’t have anyone to play with at the moment but still want to do a game, there are always a few lobbies that you can join.

While it may not be as great as hanging out with people you know in the Backrooms, it’s still better than trying to hide and escape the creatures that lurk in the yellow infinite zone of Level 1. 

That is correct. You are not alone in this Backrooms game.

While many others have you focus solely on escaping the level, Apeirophobia decided to put in the tall, gangly creatures that will stalk you before striking and consuming you. It can scare you if you aren’t paying enough attention as they come out of nowhere. 

Another great aspect of the game is that it gives you a video camera to record your journey through the true Backrooms.

Will you escape and use your video to show the world, or will you fall prey like thousands before you to the deadly grasp of the Backrooms? Play Apeirophobia today to find out!

Dead Silence

Dead Silence was a 2007 horror film directed by James Wan (Creator of best-selling horror movies Saw and Insidious), and the Roblox game of the same name seeks to put you into the shoes of the main character as a paranormal investigator.

In this horror game, you must figure out what happened to Mary Shaw, a local ventriloquist who died brutally.

Since her disappearance, she has been haunting the small town she used to live in. You start in a dark sewer with nothing but your flashlight, and as you play, you will uncover what happened to Mary.

As you play this game, you will get progressively more creeped out as Dead Silence heavily leans into the dark atmosphere. 

Your flashlight is also dim, making it even creepier as you stumble through a creepy environment. If you manage to survive and not join Mary Shaw in hell, you will be graced with the truth of what happened. Watch for killers, and enjoy your journey through the horrors of Dead Silence!

Break In

When horror movies are released and become well-known, Roblox devs start breaking out their tools to craft hundreds of games related to the movie.

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Break In is one of those, and it is based on the Purge franchise, which focuses on the concept that for one night out of every year, citizens of the United States are allowed to commit any crime, free of repercussions. 

In Break In, you must try to survive five days instead of just surviving one night. As the days progress, more and more killer NPCs attempt to break in and murder the players.

You have to fight desperately for their lives if they successfully bust in. Fail, and your corpse will be left behind, another person who failed to survive the Purge.

It still has a very active player base and is an excellent game to play with your friends when you want nothing more than a scary Roblox horror game to spend some time on.

While it isn’t a truly terrifying game, it’s still worth playing, as it can take quite a few games to find all the secrets lurking in your home finally.

If you want to learn about why sound is so important in horror video games, check out this article.


SCP-3008, or the Infinite Ikea, is one of the most popular SCPs on the SCP Foundation wiki site. Like the story, the game 3008 throws you into a massive Ikea, from which there is no escape. You and the other players must work together, or work alone if you wish, to build a home to live in as you try to survive. 

Every night, the Ikea workers come to live and will try to kill anyone they find wandering around the store. You can fight back against them, but until daytime falls again, they will never stop in their attempts.

Due to the nature of the game, it is highly recommended that you make the most of the multiplayer mode and team up with the other players.

Failure to do so can find you caught out in the open with no weapons and no friends to stand beside you. So, if you have ever wanted to try to survive in an Ikea, build a home, and even an entire city out of furniture, then you will love 3008. It has some great design, receives frequent updates, and is fun to play. 

Good luck out there; you’re going to need it.


Doors is quite possibly the most popular multiplayer Roblox horror game, which got the attention of huge YouTubers like MatPat on Game Theory and Penguiz0 (Also known as Charlie or MoistCritikal).

The goal of Doors is to run your way through dozens of doors in a giant hotel while escaping from various creatures that want to kill you. 

Luckily, not everything here wants to kill you; some things will help you on your journey and guide you to the exit.

However, this is not very easy, as the game is very difficult to win, and it takes hours upon hours of dedicated gameplay to overcome everything finally. But if you stick with it, you may be one of the lucky few to get out of the deadly hotel. 

If you want to learn more about the lore of the Doors game, because, of course, there is lore, I recommend watching MatPat’s theory on it. It gives a whole new perspective on this terrifying game. 

Fear Elevator

Fear Elevator is one of the most popular games on Roblox and is one of the best-known horror elevator games on the platform.

In this game, you get onto an elevator, which takes you to various levels with monsters from different horror franchises.

These include Pennywise from IT, Jason from Friday the 13th, Bendy, Baldi from Baldi’s Basics, and dozens more. 

On each level, you must leave the elevator and try to reach a new one or survive for a certain period. During that time, though, whatever creature is on that level will actively seek to murder, terrorize, curse, devour, or otherwise seriously main any player it can find. 

I highly recommend playing with headphones and friends, as it makes the experience more terrifying and fun.

The game has many jump scares that, if you have headphones on, can get you even if you are a well-seasoned player of horror Roblox games.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a few friends and have a good time as you are chased by horror villains who want to kill you.

The Mirror

An incredibly short experience, The Mirror is around a 15-minute long game that places you as the player in a room with a large mirror on one of the walls.

You are told to stand next to the mirror and stare at yourself. At first, everything seems normal, and you wonder whether or not anything will happen. 

But don’t worry. Before too long, there will begin to be small disturbances to your reflection, and as time goes on, it will worsen.

If you decide to look away, then everything will reset to how it was before. So, to progress the game, you must stare at yourself for the entire period as the game tells you to. 

While it is not very long, it is still a great short game to pass some time.

You can play with friends, but if you want the best experience, it is best to play it by yourself.

I recommend turning off the lights, wearing headphones, and settling in for good old-fashioned scares. Think Bloody Mary, but in Roblox.

How long can you stare into the mirror until what is in it comes alive? Find out today in The Mirror on Roblox.

The Mimic

If you are looking for a horror game with a beautiful level design, great sound choice, and based on Japanese folklore, then The Mimic is the perfect one for you.

Created by MUDLICH, it currently has two different stories you can play, with the first having four chapters. The second story is still being developed, but it receives frequent updates. 

This game is like a field trip through Japanese history, and it really knows how to creep you out when playing.

With nothing but a flashlight that only lights up a small section of the world, flickering lights, rain drizzling down on your head, and a creature known only as the Mimic hunting you, this is one of the best scary games on Roblox. 

You can play this game yourself if you want; this is the best way to play it if you want to get freaked out.

However, you can play it with friends, and it can make the experience easier, as now there are multiple people all working on solving the mystery of this rainy world you have been thrust into. 

No matter how you decide to play it, you are certain to have a great time playing The Mimic.

Project Lazarus: Zombies

If you aren’t really into the more atmospheric horror games on this list, Project Lazarus: Zombies is a zombie survival horror game where you must work together to slaughter never-ending hordes of increasingly more difficult zombies.

You can purchase various weapons around the map and even erect various barricades. 

However, this is no easy game as the hordes get larger and larger, and they will eat you in mere seconds if you aren’t careful.

If you do go down, though, your teammates can revive you, so as long as you have a few friends with you, staying in the game will not be very difficult. On top of the larger hordes, there are even some rare zombies that will not die easily. 

Luckily, you can unlock new weapons as you advance in the game, granting you the ability to do insane levels of damage to beat back each zombie attack.

It’s not very scary, but it is still an amazing game to play with friends when you want a collaborative shooter game.

Stop it, Slender!

While the Slender man creepypasta is no longer as popular as it was during the early and mid-2010s, Roblox still has a fairly healthy community of players who enjoy playing Slenderman games.

One of the most popular is Stop it, Slender! where players are split between a single Slenderman and eight citizens.

The citizens must find and collect eight pages (much like Slender: Eight Pages), with some locked behind walls that can only be unlocked when activating several generators.

All this is done during eight-minute rounds, so if you get knocked out while playing with friends, you don’t have to wait too long. 

Overall, it’s a fairly fun and fast-paced game, with everyone scurrying around trying to avoid looking at Slenderman.

Because if you look at Slenderman for too long, he’ll grab you with his long arms and slaughter you where you stand. So keep your eyes down, keep running, and find the eight pages to escape from Slender’s Realm. 

SCP Roleplay

SCP Roleplay is an extremely popular SCP multiplayer game, and it’s easy to see why. Instead of fighting random SCPs or trying to survive like some of the other SCP games on Roblox, you get to work your way up through the various roles in the Foundation itself.

At first, you can only play as a Class-D personnel, security guard, researcher, or medic. Eventually, you can even become one of the 05 Council members.

Since it is a roleplaying game, there are some rules that you have to follow, but they are all in place to help ensure that everyone has a fun time.

As a Class-D personnel, you get the chance to join the chaos insurgency or help various SCPs breach their containment. Security Guards are there to stop the Class-Ds from accomplishing that and are equipped with M4s to kill anyone who tries to break out of their holding cell. 

Medics and researchers are there for support roles, and then, as you level up and play more, you’ll eventually have access to multiple other roles.

This is an amazing game if you have a group of friends who can all work together on a single server. The max server size is 40, so unless you are playing with an entire Discord server, you’ll wind up with quite a few strangers playing with you. 

So, if you want to stand guard and help protect humanity from every imaginable inhuman creature, check out SCP Roleplay.


Creepy monsters abound throughout the world, and one of those is the Rake. The Rake is an old story, with the first ever-known sighting of it from a mariner’s log in 1691.

It takes on the form of a long, slender, naked humanoid with clawlike fingers and inhuman speed, and all of that is present in the Roblox game of the same name. 

The Rake in Roblox is one of the scariest Roblox games that you can play.

With nothing but a dim flashlight, surrounded by suffocating darkness, players will find themselves carefully examining every bit of movement, wondering if it is the Rake that is stalking them throughout the woods they have found themselves in.

If you manage to survive the night, then you can return to the local town you came from.

However, for some reason, every night, you will return to the forest to once again brave the deadly attacks of The Rake. While it is not a perfect game, the sound effects are fairly good in this game, which makes it a lot scarier. 

That is especially true if you play in voice chat with friends because the sound effects can bleed over, making the experience even more intense.

The game has recently received an update and a remaster, so now it is better than ever to pick up the game and give it a try.

Insane Elevator

Insane Elevator is a better version of the more commonly played Fear Elevator. Like other elevator games on Roblox, players hop into an elevator and make their way through multiple levels filled with deadly creatures, including Slender Man, The Rake, Siren Head, and more. 

Alongside having better visuals and game design, Insane Elevator also has way better elevator music. It feels like a party every time you are in the elevator, and they tend to be a lot more packed than most of the other elevator games on Roblox.

Another difference with Insane Elevator is that you are ranked based on points instead of floors, which lets you progress much faster, even if you die on early floors.

If you will only do one elevator game during your next game night, it should be Insane Elevator, as you and your friends will have a great playing this game. 

Roblox is well known for its horror games, and now that you know about the best scary Roblox games, grab some of your friends and get playing!

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