How to Unop Someone in Minecraft [easy guide]

How to remove operator permission in Minecraft multiplayer server

Featured image credit: Mojang Playing Minecraft alone can be incredibly fun, but it gets even better with friends.  So you decide to set up a server so you and your friends can all play together.  In this article, you can see how to give someone else, or yourself, OP permissions as a server owner. And … Continue Reading

How to Log Out of Minecraft [Illustrated Guide]

How to Log Out of Minecraft - all platforms

Featured image credit: Mojang Even though Minecraft is a game of infinite possibilities, sometimes you need to log out current account.  Maybe you’ve created a new account because you forgot your old account login name.  Perhaps you want to switch to a different account because you want to team up with a friend in Java … Continue Reading

How to Stop Follow Bots on Twitch

How to Stop Follow Bots on Twitch - Featured Image

Whether you already stream or plan on streaming, you will likely face following bots at least once during your career. Follow bots are essentially fake followers which target individual channels – often with hateful messages. This creates a bad experience for the Twitch streamer and everyone in the stream chat. So how do you stop … Continue Reading

How to Get Age of Empires 2 to Work on Windows 10

How to Get Age of Empires 2 to Work on Windows 10 / Featured Image

One of the most popular real-time strategy game franchises of all time, Age of Empires, has been around since 1997, with four main games and multiple expansions released. Arguably the most popular game in the franchise is Age of Empire II (1999), which saw a remastered version called Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition in … Continue Reading

How to Stream Private on Twitch

how to stream private on Twitch / Featured Image.

Do you want to make private Twitch streams just for your friends and family? Does the general Twitch public scare you? Is your Twitch setup potentially not holding up how you want it to? Private streaming is perfect if you answered yes to any of those questions. Don’t know what that is or how to … Continue Reading

What Engine Does Valheim Use?

What Engine Does Valheim Use? Featured Image.

Since its release in 2021, Valheim players have battled to prove themself worthy of the halls of Valhalla. Even as an early access game, Valheim has proven to be one of the most successful adventure games within the survival genre in recent years. With its high-end graphics, stylized art style, brutal melee weapon types, engaging … Continue Reading

How to Get a Sub Button on Twitch

How to Get a Sub Button on Twitch. Featured Image.

You have decided to begin streaming on Twitch and have worked hard at it for several weeks.  People have begun watching you, and you get consistent viewers every stream, and some say you’re their favorite streamer. Then someone asks you why you don’t have a subscribe button like the big streamers, and your response is, … Continue Reading

How to Set Up Sound Alerts on Twitch

How to Set Up Sound Alerts on Twitch. Featured Image.

You have seen them on most Twitch streams and want to spice up your bland stream with fancy sound alerts. But what even are Twitch alerts at their core? How do you set up a custom sound alert for events like new followers, subscribers, or donations?  Keep reading to see the best ways to set … Continue Reading